Rotorua Museum Currently Closed

We’re sad to say that our beautiful, historic museum is feeling a little ‘shook up’ after the November 2016 earthquake and has temporarily closed whilst damage is assessed. Whilst the building is closed, exhibitions will move to other venues around town. Despite the main museum being closed, visitors can still enjoy the beautiful Government Gardens.

Rainbow Springs Halloween Special

If you’re in Rotorua for Halloween, make sure that you head along to Rainbow Springs who will be hosting their annual ‘Spooky Halloween’ special evening. Rainbow Springs is a great family activity, and this themed evening will make it a really memorable visit for the kids.

Rotorua’s Hottest Eating Experience

One of the great aspects of travelling and exploring new places is the discovery of new super social bars and delicious restaurants. A great place to start in Rotorua is the city’s dedicated ‘Eat Streat’. The street is a hub for dining out in our city and it’s only a stone’s throw from the lakefront, where you can walk off your amazing evening meal whilst taking in the sunset.